Lumicosm is the new name for Bo-nyn(Bo-subtitle), which was a uniquely Tibetan website about films and media culture worldwide. It has been very well received among our Tibetan speaking audiences.

The work of Bo-subtitled has been started with the establishment of Bo-subtitle Group in Beijing in 2010. At first, we translated subtitles of well known public talks and films. However, we found no support for disseminating our translated subtitles on existing film related websites. Therefore, we agreed to create a website ourselves. In December 2012, we published a website consists of 12 sections, which are news, film, subtitles, knowledge, technology, interviews, people, conference, responsibilities, and terms.It was the first Film website in Tibetan language ever.

Since then, we have translated subtitles of nearly 100 films after ensuring their qualities are excellent; we also have written introductions and critiques on more than 100 globally well known films from all over the world; in addition, about 100 prominent figures in the world of film culture have been introduced; particularly, we have translated more than 50 TED talks into Tibetan with the project of Tibetanizing TED Talks. Meanwhile, we also reported film related news, introduced software that are relevant to subtitle translation, translated other knowledges pertaining to film, and created a great number of relevant interviews directly and indirectly.

Since our work is closely related to translation, we promoted discussions on how to translate film titles and terms on social medias.  As a result, well translated terms are compiled under the section of Terms. Recently, we have expanded and improved the website. For example, essential programs such as Specialized Focus and Oral Translation were added to the existing 12 sections. Therefore, we are deeply delighted to present our upgraded website – Lumicosm – to you.